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Transform the way you look and feel!


The Transformation Program is a habit based approach to nutrition and fitness. 

The program includes a foundation of strategies to improve physical metrics such as body fat & muscle mass while also working to optimize your hormones, digestion, movement habits, sleep, recovery, and stress response. 

We help you create a sustainable approach to health and fitness giving you results that last a life time!

Program Begins March 27th! Sign up before then to complete your intake session! 


Fitness Training  

The fitness aspect of the Transformation Program includes 3 days of strength training workouts plus up to 3 additional metabolic conditioning group sessions if desired.

These workouts are coached in a semi-private group training atmosphere. This allows for one on one instruction from your coach as well as provides a fun, small group training  environment. 

The primary, strength training workouts are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Current openings include MWF 6am, 9am, 12:15pm, 5:15pm. 

The optional conditioning workouts are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday (9am). 

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Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is really the foundation for what drives your results. It influences both the way you look and feel. 

Most people typically spend 1 hour in the gym. What  happens in the remaining 23 hours of your day can really be the deciding factor in if you reach your goals or not. 

The nutrition aspect of the Transformation Program is far from a "one size fits all" approach. It's the exact opposite.

Initially, you'll meet with a coach to determine your physical goals, get clear on your key motivators, assess your history of dieting/lifestyle habits and clarify expectations.

Together, you and your coach will create your personalized approach to not only nutritional habits but sleep, recovery, movement, intentional exercise, & stress management.


Meet the Team 


Ryan Smith 

Ryan has spent the last 12 years of his life dedicated to exercise and physical fitness. The most recent 8 years he has focused on personal training, coaching group fitness, and youth sports training as well as creating his signature exercise programs.

Ryan's fitness programs are a blend of strength training, functional fitness and bodybuilding principles that have helped many people get stronger, build muscle, improve their physique and do so in a way that promotes longevity. 

Katie Smith 

Katie is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner with several years of experience helping people reach not only their physical goals but also helping clients to address the root causes for hormonal imbalances, poor gut health, food sensitivities and more. 


Colin Rutland

Colin has his Bachelor of Health & Science with a concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy. He also is a Certified Personal Trainer. 

He has over 7 years experience working as a Physical Therapy Assistant Technician.

Colin is one of our group training coaches at Adamson's Peak Performance. He also works one on one with clients. 


Brook New

Brook is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach.  

She has several years of experience helping people improve their health and fitness!

You'll find her coaching some of our 6am group training sessions. 

Transformation Program 

12 Week Program

What's Included:

3+ Group Training Sessions/Week
Personalized Nutrition Coaching
(1) 60 Min Nutrition Intake Session
(3) 30 Min Nutrition Progress Sessions
Weekly Accountability Check-ins


20% off Practitioner Grade Supplements
20% off in-house Transparent Labs products
20% off MyZone Heart Rate Monitor


3 Payments of $429

*current members inquire about special pricing*


Sign up before then to complete your intake session!

Get In Touch

If you have questions about our Transformation Program you can get in touch via phone, email, or stop by in person! 

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3050 C Street Redding CA, 96002